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CMRC Special Meeting: BUILD Up Trust

Open meeting to gauge interests in coordinating NIH Build Up Trust Grant or future similar opportunities.
When Nov 03, 2023
from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
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Meeting Objective


To gauge interests and  synchronize actions to meeting the NIH Build UP Trust Challenge



Talking Points


CMRC Special Meeting: BUILD Up Trust




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Video Recording CMRC Special Meeting: BUILD Up Trust


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Takeaways  CMRC Special Meeting: BUILD Up Trust


Meeting was recorded. Access is PW protected for now for further digestion and distillation. Contact us if you need access. 

Applying to the NIH: Build UP Trust Grant: CMRC being a coalition at this point and also still in running to be selected as an awardee of the Mayo Social Impact grant it is not in a position to spearhead the NIH Build UP Trust Grant. We believe we have done our due diligence to share this funding opportunity to the community at large. 

Housing challenges and Lack of trust being a factor: Regarding landlord reluctant to take risk to rent to people with prior background, one idea is to look into minizine the economic risk of the landlord, How about some kind of "insurance" program either publicly or privately funded to mitigate the risks for the landlords? 

Why is there a lack of coherence in building America's City for Health for which Trust is an essential component. There is a perception that America's City for Health is a simply a marketing ploy to attract economic development and "out of towners". See this presentation in the Nov. 2021 DMC Board meeting. There has been tepid effort to activate and mobilize it as a model city for health and wellness for all (residents and patients). Hopefully, Olmsted County's CHNA process with its adoption of Collective Impact could see itself to be the backbone of fulfilling the vision. 

Lack of Trust due to historical reasons and societal environmental conditions:  Even if we should build a better healthcare system in terms of accessibility or cost coverages (which we know we have a lot of work to do here), the historical trauma is not sufficiently addressed and is worsened by polarizations, disinformation, social isolations, etc.  

Transparency: There is a need for better communication for the public to appreciate and take a measure of what Olmsted County Community Council is doing regarding its implementation of Joint Studies of Race and Racism Impacts on Health. Transparency and accountability are essential components of Building Trust. Refer the following infographics that was presented to CMRC in July 2023. CMRC wants to help. 




Program rich and System Poor: Our community has resources to help. We need to build a better infrastructure to harness those resources. 

Trust requires Honesty. "If you don't want to work with me, just tell me."  Don't promise something that you have no intention or commitment to keep. "To be Trusted, you have to be Trustworthy".   

Public Advocacies: CMRC to attend City Council and Olmsted County public commentary portions of the their meetings to point out the need to work on Trust. Election has consequences.  


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January 2024 Request for Proposal: Improve child development outcomes related to the well-being of children of color and Indigenous children from prenatal to grade three and their families. Reduce racial disparities in children’s health and development from prenatal to grade three. Promote racial and geographic equity.

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