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Cradle to Career Newsletter

PlanScape Impact(s): Children & Youth ; Diversity and Inclusion ; Education ; Workforce Development
Public Report on Developing and Executing on Cradle to Career Plan led by Cradle to Career
Last modified: June 12, 2017




Welcome to the first Cradle to Career Newsletter Keeping you informed of the progress and status of our work. First a brief recap. The Cradle to Career Rotary committee convened in July,



 A newsletter from C2G posted here for community awareness.



Welcome to the first Cradle to Career Newsletter 
Keeping you informed of the progress and status of our work.

July 2015 to October, 2016

First a brief recap. The Cradle to Career Rotary committee convened in July, 2015 and through October, 2016 accomplished these items:
  • Aligned around education as a critical community gap
  • Gathered data, held community interviews
  • Obtained a grant to conduct a community literacy summit
  • Researched 10 cities across U.S. using the StriveTogether framework
  • Had conversations with national leaders on literacy and education
  • Based on our research, broadened our scope: To improve educational outcomes from birth to workforce by bringing people together across the community who care about children - from parents and educators to civic leaders and local employers - and who can accomplish more by working together.  
  • Added community members to the Rotary Literacy committee and changed the name to the Cradle to Career Committee.

November, 2016

In November, 2016 the Cradle to Career Rotary committee and the United Way of Olmsted County combined forces as we were both focused on the same goals. We began to build a coalition, and together we
  • Determined approach: Collective Impact
  • Held coalition partner meetings; 28 local organizations supported the cause and became partners by publicly supporting the effort and committing to participate in the summit
  • Created the Data Walk - 33 slides of local data that demonstrate how our community is performing around educational indicators
  • Consulted with StriveTogether

April 2017

On April 21, 2017 we held the Cradle to Career Community Summit attended by 200 community leaders. The state of Rochester education was conveyed via a data walk built by United Way. Cradle to Career was introduced to the community by Jeff Edmondson, Managing Director, StriveTogether and Charley Nelson, Executive Director, Every Hand Joined, Red Wing, MN. 

C2C Community Summit Video

The session was taped and can be accessed below.
Community Summit 
April 21, 2017
Click to view video

Cradle to Career Planning Team

Immediately following the summit, a meeting was held with potential backbone partners. Jeff Edmondson led this session. 45 people were in attendance with these major outcomes:
  • Attendees unanimously voted 'yes' to continue and support the work
  • Created a high-level plan to move forward via a planning team including participant groups, an elected facilitator, draft schedules and deliverables. The participant groups would be representatives of 15 cross-community entities.
Since this time, the Cradle to Career Rotary committee has invited leaders from those entities to participate in the planning session, created a charter and timeline. The community participants representing those entities are as follows:
Cradle to Career Planning Team
As requested at the summit, this Cradle to Career Planning Team will build recommendations around a community vision, outcomes, indicators and a structure to drive the Cradle to Career initiative forward in a sustainable way.  The team has held an initial kick-off meeting and laid out a high-level plan.  The original backbone members, and the community will be asked to learn about, provide input and approve these recommendations preparing to formally launch the organizational structure and the work. After this time, the Cradle to Career planning team will phase out as the community approved structure launches.  
The United Way will provide some interim administrative and communications support to the Cradle to Career Planning Team during this planning process. For example, the United Way will assist with the some of our more urgent items including communication support,  such as this and subsequent newsletters, to help ensure transparency with the community about the work that is taking place.

What you can do

Here are some things that you can do today as the planning team prepares the community recommendations:
  • Everyone can learn more about the StriveTogether framework and the 70 cities that are having success today at  
  • You can share this work with others in the community and ask them to subscribe to our communications.
  • You can encourage those not able to attend the summit to watch the video.
Thank you for your participation, your enthusiasm, your time and your skills.
If you have comments, input and/or feedback, please contact us at .
Please feel free to forward this newsletter to others, including your boards, colleagues, friends and family.






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Site Information
  • For the commercial sector, we tend to register startup activities (new companies and new commercial projects) that bring diversification and high-impact opportunities to the area.
  • For the non-profit sector, we wish to shine light on all the organizations and services that otherwise labor under relative obscurity.
  • Our hope is that will encourage cross-sector collaborations and creative solutions.

While there are a number of registries in the community,'s  distinct value is to pilot a database with a data structure and categorizations that answer the questions such as: What organizations or projects/programs in our community that have purported relevance with some of the over-arching focuses put forward by initiatives such as DMC, J2G and Health Improvements?

This database could be used as one of the ways to explore the capacities of the community. If you are someone on an exploratory journey to learn about the greater Rochester community. could be an interesting first step.

The following defines the various project phases:
  1. Available - a product, program or service is in production
  2. Develop - program or application is being developed
  3. Plan - idea is solid, stakeholders are identified, and there is strong commitment to go forward from all parties.
  4. Concept Phase - idea scoped out with enough details to give an early sizing and/or to build a proof of concept
  5. Pre-concept Phase - an early idea or a requirement.
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