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United Way of Olmsted County

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Last modified: August 31, 2022




Request for grants proposal: Health access, Early success



September 2022 Grants


Healthy People, Healthy Communities: Ensuring Access to Health Care in Olmsted County


Request for Proposal


The pandemic has placed health and wellbeing at the center of our nation’s attention while exacerbating inequities that exist within our healthcare systems. A person’s health is the result of several interrelated factors, including socioeconomic status, geography, and race and ethnicity. Where a person lives, works, socializes, and ages has a profound impact on their health and quality of life. Moreover, during the pandemic, Olmsted County residents have experienced increased delays in accessing health care; increased social isolation and substance use; and increased anxiety, depression, and financial stress.  

United Way of Olmsted County is investing in programs that remove barriers for Olmsted County residents to access healthcare. Health Access grants will focus on improving access to three areas of healthcare that our community has identified as high priority: affordable medical and dental care, mental health and addiction recovery, and direct support services for people with disabilities. United Way of Olmsted County invites applications from local programs that address these core community needs. We will also consider proposals for programs that provide auxiliary services to help people access direct care, including transportation, insurance navigation, community health workers, or other supports. 

The proposal period begins immediately. We invite you to review our Request for Proposals below and consider applying.



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Early Success Request for Proposals


Request for Proposal


United Way is working to bring an end to inequity in Olmsted County and help people reach their potential. Ensuring success for children by supporting their development early in life is one of the strongest levers available for communities to truly make a difference. By helping children and families build and grow strong foundations, our community can create the conditions for a strong future for everyone.  

United Way sees a particular need to provide access to high quality childcare and early childhood education in Olmsted County. There are well-documented capacity  concerns that impact families across economic strata but disproportionately impact low-income residents. We are issuing this Request for Proposals to establish partnerships and offer support for programs that increase the community’s ability to serve children in childcare and early childhood education settings.  

We welcome proposals from organizations of all sizes serving Olmsted County’s diverse communities. Organizations serving and led by people of color, immigrants/refugees, people with disabilities, or other underrepresented communities are strongly encouraged to apply.  

The proposal period begins immediately. We invite you to review our Request for Proposals below and consider applying.  


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