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Cradle to Career: July and May 2018 Newsletters

PlanScape Impact(s): Children & Youth ; Diversity and Inclusion ; Education ; Workforce Development
Public Report on Developing and Executing on Cradle to Career Plan led by Cradle to Career
Last modified: July 30, 2018




2018-07-30 and 2018-05-11 C2C Newsletter




2018-07-30 Newsletter


The last few months have been very busy for the Cradle to Career Leadership Table. We are focused on setting up the right structure and hiring the right staff, leveraging best practices from other communities, formulating our Fall community check-in and preparing for the launch of the first two Collaborative Action Networks.

In our last newsletter we told you about grants we'd received from the Rochester Area Foundation, a second grant from Rotary and a grant from Bridge Collaborative. We are happy to report that since that time we have been the recipients of three more substantial grants. Olmsted Medical Center has granted us $10,000 over 4 years, Bremer Trust has granted us $75,000 for our start-up phase and Mayo Clinic has granted us $200,000 over 2 years. This means that we are able to hire our first staff. As such, we posted a job description for an Executive Director and are in the process of interviewing candidates.

Speaking of Leadership Table, we are saying goodbye to two of our current members who were also members of the planning committee. They are Dr. Mary Davenport who has retired from her position as Interim President of RCTC and Paul Menard, Principal at Lourdes High School. Paul has taken the position of Director of Teacher Education at Marian University in Wisconsin. Both of these individual made substantial contributions to Cradle to Career. We are grateful for their work and wish them best of luck in their new pursuits. More news soon on their replacements.

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Some very exciting news! We became a member of the StriveTogether network by completing all the requirements in the 'exploring' phase. We are now officially an "Emerging" partner in the network.


What does this mean?

Partnerships in the EMERGING gateway are focused on accessing and collecting data and putting in place the supports necessary for data-driven decision making.
  • Shared Community Vision: The partnership publicly releases a baseline report card to the community with disaggregated data.
  • Evidence-based Decision-making:
    • The partnership collects and disaggregates baseline data by key sub-populations for core indicators.
    • The partnership prioritizes a subset of core indicators for initial focus.
  • Collaborative Action: Collaborative Action Networks are engaged and/or formed to improve community-level outcomes.
  • Investment & Sustainability
    • The partnership has in place the necessary capacity to support the partnership's daily management, data needs, facilitation and communication as well as community engagement.
    • Partners support the operations work of the partnership.
Speaking of StriveTogether, each year they hold a 'convening' of all the network partners. We will be sending a couple of staff people, but all interested community members can attend. If you would like to consider this please register at this link: Cradle to Career October Convening Sign Up. For a preview of the agenda click here: Cradle to Career Network Convening
We received over 20 expressions of interest to be part of our first two Collaborative Action Network teams! If you are interested in participating in either the "Kindergarten Readiness" or "High School Graduation" Collaborative Action Network, please let us know at the link below.
We are in the process of planning the launch these networks so that we have the right process and supports in place to ensure their success. More will be shared at the upcoming community check-in.
Speaking of community check-in. We have held two community meetings and will be holding a third, as committed in our blueprint this Fall. Once again, RCTC will be our host at Hill Auditorium. You will meet new staff, hear about our baseline data and learn more about Collaborative Action Network. We will be sending out invitations in August but please hold the date of October 16, 2018.
With all of this work going on, we need a way to keep track and prioritize our work. To that end, Mayo Clinic has provided a certified Project Manager, Teresa Walter to help us build that plan and track our progress. Thank you Teresa for your time and expertise! Thank you Mayo Clinic for providing us this much needed skill!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at
Thank you,
Cradle to Career
Leadership Table

2018-05-11 Newsletter







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