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July 2018 Recommendations to RPS School Board and Administration

Referenced Documents

Following materials were submitted to RPS administration and board. 

Document Title Source
Key Sections Document
Case Study: A District’s Use of Data and Research to Inform Policy Formation and Implementation U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education and Sciences Entire document (11 pages)
Sections that describe role of the school board are highlighted
The School Discipline Consensus Report: Strategies from the Field to Keep Students Engaged in School and Out of the Juvenile Justice System Produced by the School Discipline Consensus Project, a component of the Supportive School Discipline Initiative of the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice
Data Collection section (p. 347-365)
Strategies to Support Equitable School Discipline Prepared for the Washington Association of School Administrators by Hanover Research Section III: Evaluating Equity in Discipline (p. 24-27)
School Discipline Data Indicators: A guide for districts and schools Prepared for the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences by the Regional Education Laboratory (REL) Northwest Which Discipline Indicators to Use (p. 5-12)
Optional: Also highlighted section How to use the Plan-Do-Study-Act Process (p. 15-19), which describes the importance of qualitative data to gain a deeper understanding of quantitative data
The Association Between School Discipline and Academic Performance: A Case for Positive Discipline Approaches West Virginia Department of Education, Office of Research Executive Summary (p. v)


Strategies to Support Equitable School Discipline




Case Study: A District’s Use of Data and Research to Inform Policy Formation and Implementation


Association between school discipline and math performance

 School Discipline Data Indicators

 The School Discipline Consensus Report: Strategies from the Field to Keep Students Engaged in School and Out of the Juvenile Justice System




AttachmentsJul 20, 2018 Notes



Cathy, Phil, Ray and I met last night to identify materials that we want to provide to the School Board for their study session in Aug. 16. Here is the set of four documents that we have identified:





Cathy also wanted to share the following two articles with the group (Cathy: I can’t remember if we said these should be included in the school board packet)




Please review these documents and let us know if you have questions or concerns about providing these to the school board. If you have any additional materials that you’d like us to consider for inclusion in the board packet, please email them to me by Tuesday, July 24. We don’t want to overload them with things to read. Materials should focus either on best practices for discipline data collection/presentation/interpretation and/or how use discipline data to shape policies that assure greater fairness. Our plan is to share these materials as an FYI at the CFT meeting on July 30.


In addition, we’d like you to review the most recent RPS discipline data presentation and based on recommendations/best practices included in the four documents above, please indicate what additional data you think we should be requesting from RPS.


Here is a link to the June 19 discipline data presentation$file/06%2019%2018%20Board%20Presentation_Discipline%20Data.pdf

I’ve attached Cathy’s analysis of which of our recommendations were incorporated into the presentation



Finally, I’ve attached some additional information related to the MN Dept of Human Rights event in Rochester this week










Data Request Summary July 20, 2018



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